The Project

Artificial_Artists_of_Georgia, a project by Martine Neddam in residency in Tbilissi, Georgia at GeoAIR

In this residency, my first step would be to connect with the local art scene, artists, students, art lovers, and also to the internet community, bloggers, and social media. I can propose workshops to the local people using my interface It is a website I created 4 years ago, an online tool made to assemble texts and pictures in order to create a virtual character.

The interface is very easy to use and accessible to anybody familiar with a computer. Workshops like these are a good way to make real life contact with the art community and brainstorm together or individually and trigger the imagination on the idea of “another person”, while gathering and publishing digital material which can be viewed online.

Together with some people in Tbilissi, we could create New_Artists, or Different_Artists, Forgotten_Artists, Future_Artists, Future_Artists, Neglected_Artists, etc… with their biography, the documentation of their works, their success, their failures, and whatever we can imagine about artists.

The results of this project would be an online interface presenting the Artificial_Artists (of Georgia). There would be also a live presentation with a big screen, one evening, where the Artificial_Artists would be reviewed and commented by me and those who have made them.

This project is made possible thanks to the Fonds BKVB  which has become now the Mondrian Fund