Lado Darakhvelidze

I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have, in SmartProjectSpace
Using painting, sculpture, and installations, Georgian artist Lado Darakhvelidze traces power relations rooted in different hierarchical structures, such as within media, political or economic systems. A key idea in the work of Darakhvelidze is the notion of the Citizen-Journalist, who represents the views of the wider public. It can be seen as a reinstatement of citizenship and a form of direct democracy, serving as a barometer about social and political interests, tendencies, and prejudices. His on-going project Museum TV Station (MTVS) refers to activities in which the artwork or curatorial event evoke actual and engaged political positions, transforming the museum, gallery, or venue into what Darakhvelidze would call an (Open-Source) Information Station. Darakhvelidze’s work has been shown on an international level, receiving considerable acclaim for his installation Ideal Media, which appeared at the Feriköy Greek School as part of the 11th Istanbul Biennial. Participants include Alexander Delphinov, Charlie Fox, Damon Taylor, Evelyn Austin, Irakli Kakabadze, Jimini Hignett, Kung Fu Junkie, Mr Solo, Mark McGowan, Nadia Tsulukidze, Outsider, Pamela Renner, Roel Griffioen

Lado and Nadia Tsulukidse presenting the news on MuseumTV

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