Mouchette in Tbilissi

I met Mouchette, my own virtual character  carved in stone in a park of Tbilissi, where she serves as a war symbol. She is represented life size, not oversized and someone has added some romantic graffitis on her, tears and a bleeding hart.

These graffitis make her an even a more suitable Mouchette, having travelled from one medium to another like mine did from film (Mouchette, 1967 Bresson) (wikipedia link) to website, from high art to popular expression, from recognized art to participative, anonymous, humorous expressivity.
How does it feel to meet oneself in a foreign city?
I seem to look like a georgian lady, several persons addressed me  in georgian in the street  asking for their way, surprised to see me gesture as : “no comprendo”.
Meeting my own artistic alter-ego gives to the city a more endearing familiarity.
I even made a post about it in the “About Mouchette” blog which records her news, shows and links, day by day.

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  1. Hans wrote:

    love this finding !

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